Angelina Jolie: Super Mom and Super Spy

If you thought motherhood would slow down the Hollywood mega-star and self-proclaimed “Goofy Mommy,” Angelina Jolie, she’ll have to

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bring you in for questioning!

Jolie is all business this month with the release of her new spy-action film, Salt. From premieres across the globe, to promotional interviews, Jolie is in the spotlight while also balancing her role as a parent.

After hitting the Hollywood Boulevard film premiere with boyfriend Brad Pit, 46, last Monday, Pitt is back to work on the set of Moneyball as Jolie, 35, continues to promote her role as Evelyn Salt with countless interviews and landing the cover of People. You’ve probably seen the dozens of photos of her in the airport with her brood of kids.  She is so busy! I can’t even imagine having such a high-powered career and six very young children to look after. Yet, I guess if you are the Guiness Book of World Record’s most powerful celebrities, like Pitt and Jolie, you can pretty much handle anything.

I’m really interested in seeing Angelina Jolie’s new movie because the part was originally written for a man. The character, a CIA agent who is accused of being a Russian spy, is very James Bond and I’m excited to see a woman in such a strong role.

“I had done a lot of action movies but none that were based in reality. So it was such a big challenge, [people] weren’t sure it could be pulled off,” Jolie told E! Online. “Anytime someone questions if something can be pulled off, it’s hard not to want to try.”

With amazing stunts any 007 fan will envy, Jolie faced extensive training for the film because she wanted all combat scenes to be seamless with little editing. “I remember my first day on the Salt set because I hadn’t worked for like a year-and-a-half. I was home and I had babies. I did my first day back and I thought, ‘What am I doing? I’m somebody’s mother,'”she explained to

So, what the Jolie-Pitt kids think of  mommy in her CIA agent role? In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Angelina Jolie revealed that the kids hadn’t seen the movie, but enjoy the fun aspects of their mom’s job, “They like coming to set and (seeing) the wigs. But in the clip, though, there’s someone tying my feet up and they did not like that at all.”

Despite any misgivings the Jolie-Pitts face with the new release, they support each other — especially given their history of action spy movies like Mr. and Mrs. Smith. “You know, I met Brad (Pitt) doing stunts together, so we are kind of that family. It is expected of mom to go out and be dangerous.”

A mom who is a provider, role model, special agent and nurturing — now that’s someone who’s worth her salt.

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