Getting Nailed

I like nail polish. It’s colorful, trendy and a fun way to express your personality while adding some style to your look. And mani-pedis are relaxing and let you feel pampered, but I would never consider the paint, or the practice, “orgasmic.”

However, a couple days ago I received a distasteful email about a new line of nail polish by Mattesse Elite sold at Ricky’s NYC called the “Orgasmic Collection.” The name of the collection didn’t bother me until I scrolled down and saw a very naked woman splayed out in my email inbox. I was shocked at the vulgarity of the ad and completely offended that anyone would think this is effective marketing. (And, hello, NSFW!)

It got even worse as I read the email:

“As if saucy new shades weren’t enough to get you worked up… Mattese Elite’s new Orgasmic Collection embodies the phases and progression of an orgasm! Yeah… You heard it right… we’re turnin’ it up and turnin’ you on with new nail colors intense enough to get your primal instincts goin’ straight to your nearest Ricky’s!”

I’m sorry, but in my opinion, this is not only stupid — it’s gross.  Since when does nail polish, or the mere thought of buying beauty products get people off? And why would marketing to women include a nude porn star (pretending to have an orgasm) with silver stars pasted on her body? The only thing this ad nailed is objectifying and demeaning woman. You can barely even see her fingernails!

To top it off, the line includes names for shades like “Soft & Wet” and “Cream Dream.” So, as you can imagine, I’m definitely worked up, but it’s not to buy their nail polish. If anything, I will now AVOID purchasing it because it’s degrading. If you’re as offended as I am, I recommend not subscribing to this beauty retailer’s newsletter and limiting your purchases of this nail polish brand.

I’ve unsubscribed from Ricky’s newsletter and will not post the image in this blog, but if you want check it out and comment with your thoughts below, I’d be interested to read what you think about this ad.

You can view the complete newsletter and explicit image here:

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3 thoughts on “Getting Nailed

  1. Wow, what a super – pathetic ad! I totally agree with you. Besides it’s male oriented, because maybe there are “lusty” or “sexy” ways to promote stuff (dunno about nail polish though) but women oriented and empowering. I feel sorry for the porn type model in the ad, she looks horrible and sad.

  2. Excellent points. I completely agree. Their marketing tactics are offensive, degrading and absurd. Appeal to us intelligently, emotionally, etc. — don’t insult us!

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