About Me

I’m a writer and an editor with an interest in digital media, wellness, parenting, and the arts. I’ve worked in online media on both coasts, covering music and teen news in the East, and editing fashion and beauty articles in the West. I’ve done immersion reporting in Ghana, profiling women in a refugee camp and the Miss Universe pageant.  I’ve blogged through northern India’s Golden Triangle, based in Jaipur, writing about fashion (salesmen posing in saris), class (dancing with the Maharaja’s son at his birthday party), health care (filling my prescriptions at pharmacies in garages), and micro-finance (charities funding start-ups in a leper colony).

I live in Redondo Beach now, and still like to mix it up.

As a working mom, I explore topics in the news that relate mostly to women. I think it’s important to share experiences to stimulate a dialogue and build a sense of community among others who may be going through the same thing as me. I also enjoy examining the political implications of topics that touch on gender, class, race and power. My goal is to start a civil and smart discussion on matters important to the modern feminist.

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For more about me, please visit my website: ChristaFletcher.com.

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