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Celebrity Mother Knows Best?

Gwyneth Paltrow, Image By Virgin Media

There are many celebrity moms who are taking the media by storm as “pregnancy pundits,” touting parenting tips, fitness advice and more. Stars like Angelina Jolie, Bryce Dallas Howard and celebrity bloggers Kourtney Kardashian and Bethenny Frankel, dazzle audiences with their openness and cute photos. And people are reading it.

Now, the list of pregnancy pundits continues to grow beyond the third trimester. Gisele Bundchen is a champion for breast-feeding and home births, while Gwyneth Paltrow is releasing her new cook book and revealing her struggles with postpartum depression. “I was confronted with one of the darkest and most painfully debilitating chapters of my life,” Paltrow wrote in her newsletter, GOOP.

Yet, these moms aren’t the only ones willing to share their family secrets and personal insights on motherhood. A number of celebrity mom and babe sites are filling the Google search engine, baby powdering the web with photos of  A-list babies and the products their famous mommies use, sometimes, without their permission. So, why all the interest in these leading ladies and their broods?

Gisele Bundchen in Vogue

Well, I think there are a few things at play, first, people are nosy and they want to know everything about these women’s personal lives. Second, pregnancy, birth and motherhood are no longer taboo to discuss. Over the last ten years the pregnancy bump has become a trophy, rather than a reason to stay out of the spot light (or off the red carpet) for a few months.  And, thanks to women like Angelina Jolie, women are can still land high-powered and interesting roles after mommy-dom.

Even in India, things are changing. Look at actress and former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai, she’s one of the few actresses to continue her successful career in film after getting married to actor Abhishek Bachchan. Often, after an Indian actress marries, in Bollywood it can mean bye-bye career. Hopefully after Aishwarya Rai has kids she’ll be able to continue acting if she wants too.

Anyway, back to the point, I think the paparazzi’s obsession with celebrity baby photographs is a little scary and potentially dangerous, but if the mothers are willing to give photos and speak about their experiences, I think that’s great. People obviously want to read about their lives as parents and who doesn’t want to see their cute babies?

I mean, truth be told, when they do comply and offer advice, I’d be willing to follow their tips if I were shopping for a friend’s baby. They have access to the best fashion, beauty and baby products — why wouldn’t I want to know what’s the best? In fact, when it comes to style these moms know best.

Not sure how to tap into all these celebrity parenting tips? Well, here are a some websites where these moms are featured: — Famecrawler blog

People Magazine — Moms and Babies

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Heidi Klum, Image By Access Hollywood

Fashion Advice From Stylish Celeb Moms

Originally Published by Christa Fletcher on, July 2010

Being a mom is a tough job — from parenting, to clean up, there isn’t much time for the woman behind the mommy. So how do those gorgeous celebrity parents keep it together? We have advice from your favorite stylish stars on how to avoid the frump.

Image By

Heidi Klum, Supermodel and Executive Producer of Project Runway

In an interview on, Heidi Klum revealed her fashion advice for mothers. “Busy moms have to be organized — you have to narrow down all of your things in order to really make it work. Start with your closet — get rid of all the things that are too ‘mom-sey,’ too slouchy,” she said.

Klum added, “Keep only the things that are working for you so that you eliminate all of that extra time in the mornings — you already know what you put on is going to look good.”

Image By

Sarah Jessica Parker, Actress, Producer and Fashionista

Having a sense of style is more than playing Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City and designing perfumes and clothes for Halston Heritage, for fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker. It’s about sticking with what she knows best. When she’s at home in the West Village, she’s “mom” and her best advice comes from her own beauty routine. Keeping it simple.

“I confess, I am very bad at makeup. I don’t where any in my real life — personal life. There’s no time for it and I’m not good at it,” she explained to Elle Creative Director Joe Zee. “I can cover a zit, I can put on mascara and put some eyeliner inside my eyeball, but that’s it.

Image By E!

Katie Holmes, Actress and Designer

At this week’s film premiere for The Extra Man, OK! Magazine caught up with the starlet on the red carpet in NYC where she can typically be spotted shopping at boutiques and cruising Central Park with her daughter Suri. “Every day my husband inspires me. My family inspires me. My daughter inspires. We’re always sort of creating new things whether it’s a party, or a script or a movie. We try to have a very creative household.”

Turns out, her daughter has inspired her style choices and to create a fashion line, first for kids, and now for women. “We want to create pieces a woman can wear over and over, and people won’t necessarily say, ‘Oh, you wore that last week,” said Holmes about her line. The star’s sophisticated venture has been called “classic with twist” by other celebs like Eva Longoria.

Alright, now that you’ve organized your closets and pared down to the chic essentials, how about some style advice from a four-year-old with her own spin on these fashionable celebrity moms.

Images by & E!

To see my other freelance blog post published on about Betty Draper, follow this link.

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Closet Conniption

Image by Zebra With A Camera

Hell lurks in the depths of my closet.

At least once a week I find that everything in my closet looks terrible on me and nothing will do. I suspect it’s either a demon who alters clothing with a jinx, or some inner monster determined to ruin my morning.

Either way, you know what I’m talking about — when all your clothes seem like they don’t fit even though neither you, nor the clothes are different — and you have to change multiple times to discover that you do, in fact, look fine.

I could talk about how women face body and confidence issues in front of the mirror and how we suffer from the pressures to look good. Even though these claims are true, there are a few easy ways to combat these problems so you can keep your sanity until gender bias and the subjugation of women’s bodies end. (Ha!)

Until then, avoid purging the contents of your closet with an exorcism, or shouting how much you hate the “candy man” three times in the mirror, by following some tricks I use when I can’t stop fussing with my outfits.

Now, it goes without saying that most of us, myself included, do not have the wardrobe or beauty staff of Sarah Jessica Parker or Chloe Sevigny.  We cannot look stylish by merely walking through our closet and stumbling out in couture. So, we have to work with what we have.

For starters, we should lift the curse of blaming our bodies. Translation: cut the crap. We need to stop giving ourselves such grief and select simple pieces that make us feel good. One of the worst parts about mornings with a closet conniption is the negative feelings we experience while looking in the mirror.

So, what’s my first trick? Stop being so mean to yourself. Embrace what you look like instead of being so hypercritical.

Tip number two: Figure out which aspect of your clothing choices you don’t like. Has something changed about your garments? Should they be ironed? Do you need to do laundry? These are some of the questions you can ask yourself to understand why you are having trouble, instead of asking yourself, “Does my butt look fat in this?”

This morning, for me, it was the weather change. I paired several different skirts with a green and white short-sleeved blouse, but the multiple iterations looked frumpy. Since the clock was ticking, I abandoned my original inspiration and wore a black pencil skirt and paired it with a long-sleeve red and white striped shirt.

By balancing my desire to wear a skirt with a long-sleeve, the transition from being covered in warm clothes, to bare legs seemed to work better because there was less skin and more of a classic shape.

When I was done, I gave myself some credit, instead of insulting my appearance, which brings us to the next tip: Once you are dressed, don’t think about what you don’t like about your clothes, compliment what you like about yourself in them.

Pin point what you like and then find a way to enhance that part of your look.  Feeling good about one’s self is the best way to overcome those mornings when you feel like a Ms. Hyde ready to attack yourself.

As for tangible ways to keep the gateway to the underworld from becoming your closet, I recommend organizing your clothes and jewelry in categories that will make it easy to piece together outfits. Lifestyle Expert Susan Matthews uses a dress form to organize her bling. When you organize your clothes, notice the different fabric types in your wardrobe. It’s fun to mix and match textures to create an interesting palette.

Also, in between seasons, adding a scarf is a fun way to add some style without much effort. As mentioned in MegHibberd’s Blog, a circular scarf is great because there are no loose ends to deal with, making it a little effort with a lot of style gain.

When you’re not in a hurry, I recommend finding inspiration. There are many ways to cultivate your look when you are not heading out the door. Why not create your own fashion with this new tool that allows you to design your own tees?

Or, you can check out one of the numerous fashion blogs, that show you how to mix and match different pieces you own. There’s an eclectic array listed at the ModCloth Blog. For a quick fix, there’s always the “Look of the Day,” a hot spot where InStyle Magazine editors search for fashion finds.

Style on!


Platinum Pop Icons

Gwen Stefani on StyleWise

I’m not sure what’s going on with me and platinum-blonde musicians lately, but a lot of my pop-dance favorites have that fair hair flair.

Maybe it’s the talent and confidence that these women share, braving the bleach and strutting onstage with electric dance moves and wardrobes that sparkle, but these performers are more than headliners — they are courageous in their point of view through their lyrics, music videos and style.

I’ll start with the most obvious one: Gwen Stefani, the queen of sophisticated punk chic, red lipstick, eclectic dance tracks and front(wo)man of alternative band, No Doubt. From her music, L.A.M.B. fashion line and growing family, this top choice from Orange County, California is a no brainer.  I’ll never forget her Harajuku Lovers tour and the phenom she was onstage — dancing, singing and of course changing cool outfits. Gwen Stefani is also a role model for women in music, fashion and business as she builds her empire one black and white stripe at a time.

Lady Gaga on YourBeautySpot

My Download Dish: “Wonderful Life,” “Serious,” “What You Waiting For,” “It’s My Life” and “Just a Girl

Lady Gaga comes in at a silvery second. Not only does she experiment with innovative fashion trends flirting between ugly and genius, she knows how to rake in the green — and I’m not talking about her Kermit the Frog frock. Plus, she has an unique voice that is underused in pop tracks. But as we all know, it’s the spectacle of her wayward personality and wardrobe that sells concert seats. And, who doesn’t enjoy the beats of a native New Yorker?

My Download Dish: “Paparazzi,” “Speechless,” “The Fame” and “Bad Romance”

Robyn on

Next up we have Swedish singer-songwriter and pop-diva, Robyn, who commands the stage like she’s never walked or danced anywhere else.  What’s great about this edgy blonde from the nineties, is she’s always current and she remains a mainstay in clubs and in the hearts of her global fan base. There’s something about her that also seems down-to-earth and fun despite her diva status. She’s like your best friend from college who always says something that makes you laugh. As for her music, let’s be honest, it might as well be crack because once you start listening, you won’t stop.

My Download Dish: “Crash and Burn Girl,” “Cobrastyle,” “Konichiwa Bitches,” and “Fembot”

SaintSaviour on

Alright, who’s next? How about the new front(wo)man, SaintSaviour (aka Becky Jones), for Groove Armada, the nineties band that just released a new album called Black Light. When I saw the band last week at Webster Hall,  SaintSaviour wore a gold-sequined body suit under a golden shoulder piece with a touch of Shredder style (yeah, I just referenced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). Anyway, she was amazing as she sang electro-dance songs for this ever-morphing band. Switching from quirky modern dance moves, to powerful ballad-like moments as lasers filled the venue, she glittered with the best of these chart-topping ladies.

My Download Dish: “Paper Romance” and  “I Won’t Kneel

Duffy on
Duffy on

Last, but definitely not least, there’s Duffy, a 26-year-old Grammy Award winner from North Wales. Though Duffy isn’t a dance dynamo like these other trendsetters and she has been notoriously shy in the media, we have to give her credit because she can not only belt it out with the best of these blondes, she’s also a philanthropist.  Duffy is involved with Music Matters and disaster relief efforts for Haiti. Plus, her bluesy vocals combined with her moving song compositions are reminiscent of a contemporary and upbeat Billie Holiday.

My Download Dish: “Mercy” and “Rockferry”

Honorable Mentions: Taylor Swift for her teen-pop stardom and red carpet gown choices, Avril Lavigne for her back in the day angry punkiness and P!nk, for all of her moody and lyric-writing glory…though her hair tends to be pink, her albums are double platinum.

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